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SUPERIOR FUMIGATION Eliminating drywood termites in Hawaii calls for more. And nobody delivers more than a Commitment to Excellence SM (CTE) Program professional.  A CTE fumigator serves you with superior knowledge and equipment when treating your home with Vikane® fumigant. And the only fumigation can eliminate 100% of drywood termites in one treatment. Don’t expose your home or business to risk. Schedule your fumigation today. 

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We use high-quality products that are gentle, environment friendly and effective. Nonresidual Vikane Gas Fumigant Treatment. Easy cleanup. Not necessary to wipe down surfaces after treatment.

Properly applied, Vikane® gas fumigant penetrates the entire infested area to eliminate target pests without damaging property or leaving residues. When the process is completed, the property will be ventilated to certify that no fumigant remains. Sensitive equipment is used to ensure that the air inside the property has returned to normal.